Unified speed of analysis, sensitivity, and resolution

Solutions provided by Nexera UC

  • Very fast separation speed due to the relatively low viscosity of supercritical fluid
  • Improved peak capacity and chromatographic resolution
  • Efficient separation of analogues and/or chiral compounds by high penetration mobile phase
  • Different separation mode leads to high sensitivity
  • Improved sensitivity resulting from split-less introduction into detector
  • Reduction of environmental impacts and costs by reducing amount of organic solvents needed

Higher resolution

Improved separation and detection capabilities result from the low viscosity and high diffusion coefficient of supercritical fluid. As shown below, Nexera UC demonstrates high-separation selectivity for isomeric compounds that are difficult to separate by conventional LC.

Comparison of retention time and separation acquired by Conventional LC and SFC
(sample: α-tocopherol)

Sensitivity results from different separation modes in HPLC vs SFC

Using SFC in front of a mass spectrometer offers greater sensitivity than achieved with LC/MS/MS.

Comparison of peak intensity detected by the same MS detector.
( Sample: Prostagrandin D2 10 pg)

Enhanced sensitivity using splitless transfer to MS

Low dead volume back pressure regulator suppresses diffusion of peaks and can transfer the total eluate directly to an mass spectrometer to achieve higher sensitivity.

Comparison of intensity of two peaks detected by the same MS detector.
(Sample: Reserpine 10 pg)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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