Compatible versions of software products

Product name Version
LCsolution 1.00 or higher
GCsolution 2.10 or higher
GCMSsolution 2.10 or higher
LCMSsolution 2.02 or higher
IRsolution 1.10 or higher
UVProbe 2.10 or higher
WizAArd Agent Connection Kit 4.00 or higher
TOC-Control V 1.06 or higher
TA-60WS Part 11 Compatibility Package 1.00 or higher

1. LCsolution Ver.1 and higher offers database registration functions. It is only necessary to purchase CLASS-Agent Manager.

2. LCMSsolution Ver.3 and higher and GCsolutionVer.2.3 and higher offer database registration functions as standard. It is only necessary to purchase CLASS-Agent Manager.

3. The TA-60WS Part 11 Compatibility Package is a software package that runs with Ver.2.0 or higher of the TA-60WS software. It is used in combination with CLASS-Public Agent Ver.2.

4. The WizAArd Agent Connection Kit is application software that runs with Ver.4.0 or higher of WizAArd for AA-6300. It is used in combination with CLASS-Public Agent Ver.2.

Supported Balances

* Shimadzu (AUW-D / AUW / AUX / AUY / AW / AX / AY / BW / BX / UW / UX / AEU / AEL / AEM / AEG / PG / SG Series)

* Mettler (AE / AG / AT / MT / UMT / AB / PB / SB / PR / SR / PM Series)

* Sartorius (CP / ME Series)

Supported Databases

* Microsoft Access® format

* MSDE®(Microsoft Data Base Engine)

* Microsoft SQL Server® 2000 / Microsoft SQL Server®2005

* Oracle9i Standard Edition® / Oracle Database 10g®

Supported Vendors

* Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd (titration unit, Karl Fischer moisture meter)

* Waters Corporation (HPLC); Agilent (HPLC, GC)

Note: Compatibility may vary with the instrument version. Confirm compatibility in advance. Consult your Shimadzu representative for details.

Types of Data Stored

* Sample data: Date and time of analysis, analyst name, sample name, sample ID, analytical instrument name, etc.

* Numerical data: Quantitation calculation results, mass values, measured values, etc.

* Files: Files such as chromatograms, methods, quantitative calculation results, sample schedules, Andi files, mass data, Excel worksheets, Word files, and PDF files, etc.

* Others: Exportable numerical data

The format of the loaded / saved files, and the types and methods of loaded data vary according to the type of data processing software and type of CLASS-Agent.

Sample System Configuration

Networked Client / Server Configuration

CLASS-Agent Server Edition also supports full-scale client/server systems.

Database sever requires CLASS-Agent Server Edition when using it.

Networked Client / Server Configuration

Networked File-Sharing Configuration

Simple file sharing is possible by connecting the analytical instruments with an Ethernet connection.

Networked File-Sharing Configuration

Standalone Configuration If LCsolution or GCsolution software is installed in a PC, just install CLASS-Agent to conduct database management of the analysis results.

Software Configuration

Part Name
GCMSsolution Agent Ver.2 *1
CLASS-PAC Agent Ver.2 *1, *2
UVProbe Agent Ver.2 *1
IRsolution Agent Ver.2 *1
CLASS-Balance Agent Ver.2 *1
CLASS-Public Agent Ver.2 *1, *7
CLASS Agent Manager Ver.2 *3, *4, *5
CLASS Archive Agent Ver.2 *6
CLASS Agent Report Ver.2 *6

*1 CLASS Agent Manager (223-18233-9x) is included (equivalent to the number of licenses).

*2 CLASS-PAC Agent (223-18255-9x) requires the separate Chromatopac Manager (223-18100-91).

*3 LCsolution Ver.1 or higher incorporates the CLASS-Agent automatic data registration functions. If CLASS-Agent is used with the LCsolution PC set, the required CLASS-Agent Manager (223-18223-9x) is supplied.

*4 CLASS Agent Manager (223-18233-9x) is a package providing user authentication functions, browser functions, and backup functions. It allows data browsing at PCs that are not connected to analytical instruments, such as the administrator client PC and the server PC used in the office.

*5 LCMSsolution Ver.3 or higher and GCsolutionVer.2.3 or higher incorporate the CLASS-Agent automatic data registration functions. CLASS Agent Manager (223-18233-9x) is required to use CLASS-Agent with LCMSsolution. CLASS Agent Manager is not included with the PC set and must be purchased separately.

*6 CLASS Agent Manager Ver.2.3 or higher is required to run CLASS Archive Agent or CLASS Agent Report.

*7 CLASS-Public Agent Emp Option is available to automatically register data exported from Waters software in the CLASS-Agent database. CLASS-Public Agent Chem Option is available to automatically register analysis data exported from Agilent software in the CLASS-Agent database.

Windows®, Word®, Excel®, Access®, MSDE®, and SQL Server® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.

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