Reliable Protein Analysis

Protein Analysis Software (Option)

The advantages of the LCMS-IT-TOF automation capabilities can be exploited to the maximum. Just creating a peak list using the protein method and setting the database search parameters allows automation of all operations from analysis to protein identification. The identification results can be viewed directly via the protein analysis software, and data management is easy and certain. The parameters can also be modified for method rebuilding.

NanoESI Interface (Option)

nano Electrospray NES-100

Get even higher sensitivity for high-accuracy LCMS-IT-TOF data! Nano spray delivers high ionization efficiency and less loss. Using the NanoESI (nano electrospray) interface allows higher sensitivity analysis of ultra-low sample quantities. Detachment is also easy, requiring little more effort than with the standard ESI interface.

Measurement Example: BSA Tryptic Digest (50 fmol)

When a protein enzyme digest is separated using HPLC, anywhere from tens to hundreds of peaks can be observed. Thus, it is not rare for multiple peptides to elute within a few seconds of one another. In this situation, high-speed, yet intelligent auto MSn analysis provides increased coverage. In addition, MS spectra with high mass accuracy further contribute to improved reliability of protein analysis.

The protein analysis software window is shown below. The MS data of each data file can be viewed collectively with the Mascot search results.

The Mascot search results indicate BSA at the highest ranked hit with a score of 1180. In addition, with a peptide mass error within 4 ppm, all of them were assigned (external standard method). This is an example of the high-quality measurement possible when using the high-accuracy LCMS-IT-TOF.

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