Mycotoxin Screening System

EU Criteria Concentrations of 10 Mycotoxin Components Detected with High Sensitivity in Only 14 Minutes

Mycotoxin (mold toxin) is a generic term for metabolites produced by molds on food products that are hazardous to human and animal health. To improve food safety, food processors have been inspecting ingredients for the presence of such mycotoxins. In only 14 minutes, this mycotoxin screening system is able to detect the presence of 10 mycotoxin components with high sensitivity at concentration levels specifled by EU standards, which are the strictest in the world. Furthermore, because the system does not involve a sample derivatization process, samples can be measured much more efficiently.

Three Key Features

  • Detects mycotoxins with high sensitivity at criteria concentrations specified by EU standards, which are the strictest standards in the world.
  • Rapid screening detects the 10 components in only 14 minutes.
  • Screening results and reports are available immediately after each analysis is finished.

Ready to Use - Measure Samples Immediately After Switching the System ON

Ready to Use - Measure Samples Immediately After Switching the System ON This system is designed for rapid screening for 10 mycotoxin components in grain products, such as wheat and rice flours, apples, and milk. Using the provided kit, which includes a column and CD-ROM, containing optimized pretreatment methods that minimize effects from contaminant components and analytical parameters for regulated components, sample measurements can be started immediately. In addition to the above screening kit and Nexera-i system, standard samples for the regulated components, pretreatment cartridges, and mobile phases are also required.

Detect EU Criteria Concentrations of Mycotoxins with High Sensitivity

Aflatoxins Detectable Directly without Fluorescent Derivatization By using the i-Series built-in PDA detector with an RF-20Axs fluorescence detector, which offers the highest sensitivity levels in the world, the system can detect aflatoxins at concentration levels specified as criteria values*2 in EU directives, without using fluorescent derivatization. The instruction manual provided with the system includes pretreatment methods optimized for target samples, which are grains (soft wheat and rice flours), milk, and apples. The troubleshooting section includes key considerations for each process step, from extraction to acquisition, which helps ensure that reliable data can be acquired even when analyzing samples for the first time. *2: Excluding foods intended for infants

Screening Results and Reports Are Available Immediately After Analysis Is Finished

Quickly Confirm Screening Results in the Data Browser Window Multiple chromatograms and automatically calculated quantitative results can be conrmed in the same window by simply dragging acquired data to the Data Browser. Pass/fail results for criteria values can also be displayed at the same time, making it easy to understand test results at a glance.

Determine Pass/Fail Results Quickly for Large Amounts of Data and Perform More Complicated Statistical Analysis

Measurement results for each sample can be automatically included in individual quantitative reports prepared for each sample or in a summary report or output in PDF format. Using the optional multi-data report function*3 can significantly improve visualizing massive amounts of sample data. Pass/fail results for multiple samples can be output in a table, so that samples that fail the criteria can be identified at a glance, even for large numbers of samples. In addition, a series of quantitative results can be automatically output as an Excel file, so that the data can be graphed or used for more sophisticated statistical processing, which offers powerful support for medium and long-term data management.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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