Intelligent Auto MSn Function

Intelligent Auto MSn Function

Samples cannot be recaptured once injected for LC/MS analysis; therefore, it is vital that instruments can automatically select the appropriate precursor ions. With the LCMS-IT-TOF, a variety of precursor ion selection criteria is available, such as the selection of ions in order of intensity or m/z, as well as intelligent automatic precursor selection, such as a monoisotopic peak selector and charge-state filtering.

Precursor Ion Selection in the order of intensity

Principles of Neutral Loss Survey

MS3 measurements are automatically performed if the specified neutral loss Is observed in the MS2 spectrum.

With the Neutral Loss Survey, only the target ions are measured in MS3, enabling one to obtain desired information effectively without loss of time.

As detailed information about target ions is obtained using the neutral loss survey function, it can become a powerful tool for supporting the identification of compounds (e.g., phase 2 metabolites for drug discovery research.)

Example Highlighting the Neutral Loss Survey Function

The combination of the neutral loss survey and MS3 measurement provides accurate mass information that can lead to highly reliable structural analyses of phospholipids.

Setting PS (Polar radical X : serine) - specific NL (87 Da) and performing the neutral loss survey

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