Shimadzu GC Driver for Waters Empower - Features


Control of New Space-Saving and Highly Reliable AOC-30 Autoinjectors

AOC-30 systems support automatic analysis of up to 30 samples using a single tower. In combination with a GC-2030 system, the design results in a space-saving system only 553 mm wide. 4 mL bottles of up to four types of rinse solvents can be loaded for enhanced rinsing functionality that maintains high analytical performance for long periods. The analytical method editing window features the Sample Navigator. With Sample Navigator, methods prepared by experts in GC can be created with a single click. Systems can be expanded to hold up to 150 samples and 12 rinse solvent bottles by adding samplers to accommodate increased analytical capacity.


The Same System can be Used for Both Headspace and Capillary/Packed Analysis

A single GC-2030 system can be used for both capillary analysis with a headspace sampler or capillary/packed analysis with an autoinjector. The system configuration can be changed easily when setting up the analytical method, with no complicated setting operations required.


Minimizes Helium Gas Usage

By installing an optional Gas Selector in the GC-2030 system, the analytical method or Empower window operations can be used to switch between carrier gases. That means helium consumption can be minimized by switching to a substitute carrier gas after sequencing analysis is finished.

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